How to realize your dream life step by step

Change your life and live a life that makes you happy, healthy & successful!

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Life is too short to keep postponing our projects into an ever receding “later”. Get motivated and create your dream life now!The idea of this e-learning class is to show you step-by-step how you can change your life, no matter how old you are, and no matter how difficult or impossible this goal currently appears and realise your dream life. 

What Will YOU Learn?

  • Better know yourself and define clear goals
  • Create a life that makes you happy and successful
  • Change your life and realize your projects
  • Be confident and true to yourself
  • Take action and realize your dreams
  • Create routine, day to day actions that will change your life
  • Live an authentic life
  • Proven strategies to change your life
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and know your talents
  • and many more!

25 inspiring short videos (1h)


Additional learning materials

5 Quizzes
25 Texts
17 PDFs

Why this class is different

The aim of this class is to give you life changing impulses  that will help you to see your possibilities and to take courageously the first step towards an innovative, successful, happy and healthy life. I will share with you strategies that worked for me and other people.

My philosophy is simple, creative and authentic. One of my values is efficiency. Our lives are busy. I do not want you to spend hours on watching this class. I believe quality comes over quantity. And from my own experience I know,  especially highly sensitive, creative or introverts love synthetic and hands-on information. Your life and your times is precious. Therefore I do not want you to make you work through a hundred of papers or hours. I teach ultimate baby-steps that will inspire you to change your life.

From my own experience I know, putting in place a few, simple and high quality actions every single day and maintaining them often brings much more success than one hundred different approaches that are often too complicated, too time consuming and that will be used half hearted and not on a permanent basis.

About the instructor

I completely changed my own life since 2008. I have been working for many years in the fields of HR, change management and personal development, and coach others (and herself) in how to lead a happy and successful life. As a Certified Professional Coach & psychological advisor, I conduct coaching both for individuals as well as for companies and senior executives, helping others live different, happy and fulfilling lives.
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Change your life NOW
and live a life that makes you
successful, happy & healthy.

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Everyone who would like to change life and realize a different, successful, happy and healthy life.


Be willing to use the tools every day and change status quo and to take responsibility for your own life.

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